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Evolve Enterprise

Established in 2016, Evolve Enterprise offer bespoke support for children from 7-11 who may be at risk of becoming disengaged in mainstream education due to their complex needs and vulnerabilities. We specialise in working with children who struggle to adapt to the demands and expectations of mainstream school and support them and their families through the pathways of assessment, planning and intervention. We offer a therapeutic based alternative provision from our center in Well Lane Primary School (Annex). We aim to to support schools, children and families and, if possible, help them to either re-integrate back to their mainstream school or enable transition into the provision that is most suitable to meet their educational needs at the earliest opportunity. 


Our therapeutic and nurturing environment is designed to support all our pupils to help them to progress and develop personally, socially and emotionally. We understand the importance to children and their development of being in a mainstream setting and spending time with peers and friends but, unfortunately this is not always possible. Our goal for all children who access the Evolve programme is to support them to integrate back into their chosen pathway while supporting schools, parents and other support services with a more strategic and seamless transition. At Evolve we have a strong sense of responsibility to our children and families and believe that by working in partnership we can help them to achieve so much more.

Our vision is for Evolve to be a single point of contact for schools, helping manage the day to day support for each individual and, by promoting consistency and structure through our therapeutic learning, we aim to give them a sense of security and belonging. We believe that by offering this it will give a more complete support package and, by working with schools, help to maximise the best outcomes that help to guide some of the most complex and vulnerable children through key stage 2, and beyond, with purpose and guidance.


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About us

Primary Provision

Based in our education hub at Well Lane Primary School, we offer support for pupils up to and including year 6 who may be finding the mainstream education environment a barrier to their learning.  

Children placed with us will often come to us with issues including poor attendance, SEMH needs, Autistic needs, ADHD needs and, ultimately, struggling to engage within a mainstream setting particularly with developing positive relationships with peers and adults.

We offer a small classroom size space managed on a staff to pupil ratio of no more than 3:1. Our emphasis is on delivering a calm, relaxed and low stress environment.

Our Staff

We currently (September 2022) have 4 staff who deliver our programmes and support the children who attend our provision. 

We bring a range of backgrounds, experience and qualifications to Evolve including working as social workers, learning mentors, support workers for young people and adults  and delivering specific community based programmes. This knowledge and experience is used in a complimentary way to deliver short term, time limited placements- anything from 1 day to 3 days per week and half termly to full term.

We offer therapeutic interventions and confidence building classes with a huge emphasis on team building exercises. 

Our Interventions

We deliver a range of interventions and support programmes aimed primarily at supporting the needs of children who attend Evolve. We take a child centered and personalised approach with a focus on supporting children, schools and families to access education provision suitable to their needs.

Our interventions and programmes include;

  • Outdoor activities.

  • Mindfulness and Well being.

  • Making negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

  • Growth Mindset.

  • Emotional awareness and management.

  • Feelings reflection.

  • Self regulation.

These are examples of our work that can be delivered in specific ways to individuals or small groups. We will also often adapt them or mix and match as appropriate to individual need.

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