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We have been incredibly fortunate to give our children access to many opportunities during the past 5 years (and more) including playing football at Premier League Football stadiums, working with Everton in the Community and developing links with several community based programmes such as Friends of Molyneux Drive Woodland and Forestry Space and others highlighted on this page.

Russ Greenop, who established the Evolve provision, works hard to keep the legacy and memory of James burning bright; to find out more please follow the link to explore their website.


Therapeutic Adventures brings together Adventure, Nature, Outdoor Learning and Psychotherapy to help overcome mental and related problems. We bring a combination of person centered psychotherapy, many years of experience working with children and adolescents, along with a love for the outdoors and an awareness of the many Health Benefits it can provide.

We were able to work in partnership with qualified therapist, Donna Harding, through funding support from the National Lottery to deliver a wonderful adventure therapy programme based at the Barnstondale activity center. The programme consisted of adventurous activities, group work and self discovery bundled with a lot of fun and creative experiences. We used arts and crafts, circle time reflection, playing games, team building, learning about emotions, learning to cope with strong emotions and much more.

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